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The former North Berwick Museum was re-opened in July 2013 as the new Coastal Communities Museum.  In addition to the current Rigs to Riches exhibition the museum has much more to offer for adults and children, featuring a new Memorial Room and continuing a significant part of the previous World War I exhibition. The children’s Interactive Treasure Island Room is full of exciting things for children, from dressing up to learning all about pirates.

Enjoy a visit to the re-opened café too, take time to appraise the works of art, view the other exhibits and let the younger ones enjoy a variety of children’s activities.





Farming in the Coastal Communities

East Lothian has a rich agricultural heritage from the days of the runrigs when subsistence farmers toiled for food, to the innovations and improvements of the 18th and 19th centuries and beyond. What happened in our local area was part of the driving force for great change in Scottish farming and the lives of Scottishpeople, causing major social upheaval.

Discover lots about enclosure of the land, methods of ploughing, crop rotation 200 years ago and more modern technology. Learn how much a farm worker earned in the 1790s.Find out how the humble turnip revolutionised agricultural practice, just who were the Bondagers, and what they did with an ugli at the all summer.





The new museum shop has a selection of local history books including the following Scottish Genealogy Publications:

Aberlady MIs @ £5.00,  North Berwick MIs @ £4.50, North Berwick Cemetery MIs CD @ £7.50, North Berwick Burials @ £5.00 and Whitekirk MIs @ £4.00.

Also in the museum shop is a selection of Gullane & Dirleton History Society Publications:

Life & Death in Dirleton Parish @ £10.00, A History of Dirleton & Gullane @ £1.50, Dirleton & Gullane MIs @ £5.00, The Stones of Dirleton Kirkyard and their People @ £10.00, The Stones of Gullane Kirkyard and their People @ £10.00 and Towers and Castles of East Lothian @ £5.00.


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